My 100 day project – 70% of the way

by Ailbhe on July 28, 2017

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This 100 day project I started way back in April has been as challenging as I suspected with regards to consistency of posting. I was honky dory until I hit the late 50s and then it began to be a bit of a struggle to incorporate a daily posting along with other commitments. A complete break of 2 weeks from a daily sketch just wracked me with guilt and, ever so slowly, I’ve been getting back on board making a daily drawing (not always posted). Now here I am at 70% of the way through. Today I’ve gathered most of the sketches I’ve posted along the way. This in itself has been interesting as I can see some that could actually be worked up into finished drawings or prints. All I have to do is…   do it!

But in case you thought I’d fallen completely by the daily sketch roadside I offer my 70% which is better than nowt!







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