Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Again.

by Ailbhe on March 14, 2017

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The life of Saint Patrick’s has been celebrated for over 1500 years. You’d think by now we Irish would be partied out but not a bit it seems. So whether you’re planning a weekend of green celebrations with bacon & cabbage, Irish fried breakfast, soda bread and the works or just a simple fresh salad I’ve got an illustrated recipe for you.

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Stuffed – you, me & cabbages

by Ailbhe on January 11, 2017

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Sometimes, when you feel well and truly stuffed by life you look for comfort. This is one well-stuffed dish that’ll hug you and make you feel better. At least for a while.


A Sardinian Hare Stew

by Ailbhe on March 3, 2016

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I had a haunch of hare in the freezer that I had purchased at a country food festival and I so I turned to a sweet little cookbook I had bought in Sardinia for some inspiration. A wild rugged country surely would have some interesting ways of cooking game…

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Recover from any over-enthusiastic festive frolics with this pick-me-up breakfast bread. The traditional irish griddle soda farls are quick to make and split, buttered and topped with your choice of honey, homemade jam, fried egg or black pudding will help revive you at the end of 24 hours of St Patrick’s Day celebrations.


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St Patrick’s Day Celebration Menu draws to a close with a dinner of Bacon & Cabbage. And, hand on my heart, this version with the addition of juniper berries really added something special. Drizzled with the MOST delicious whiskey sauce, the combination of creamy cabbage and the bacon was pretty heavenly. And I’m sure ol’ St Patrick wouldn’t mind me saying that!