Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Again.

by Ailbhe on March 14, 2017

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The life of Saint Patrick’s has been celebrated for over 1500 years. You’d think by now we Irish would be partied out but not a bit it seems. So whether you’re planning a weekend of green celebrations with bacon & cabbage, Irish fried breakfast, soda bread and the works or just a simple fresh salad I’ve got an illustrated recipe for you.

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Next up on our 24 hours of St Patrick’s Day celebrations is lunch. And here’s a dish that packed with vibrant green colours and a creamy zingy-blue flavour. A perfect partner for more of the traditional Brown Soda Bread you’ve already made. Quick and easy to make, this substantial salad with keep your energy levels high till dinner time.


Roast Squash & Spinach Salad with Tofu

by Ailbhe on March 4, 2012

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This colourful salad is just the dish to combat the changeable weather we’re having. Fresh baby spinach leaves, warm roasted squash, healthy light tofu will add a spring to your step whether you find yourself eating on a mild Spring day or a chilly Winter leftover. Lovely enough to star as a main I think it would also pair well with a roasted beetroot salad, perhaps with an orange vinaigrette, or a rice and bean salad.


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I was lucky to come across some fresh brown shrimp at the market and devised these dishes to allow them to shine and delight. Simple salads that brightened up a dark November evening. It was a really good combination of flavours, even if I say so myself!


Salad days: Cooling Rice Salad

by Ailbhe on July 3, 2010

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I can hardly believe we’ve had more than 2 weeks of sunny weather and Wimbledon has been going with hardly a rain break at all. What’s going on? Worrying, I mean we all like a good moan and although it has been humid and, dare I say it, a mite bit too hot for freckly […]