Happy Saint Patrick’s Day. Again.

by Ailbhe on March 14, 2017

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The life of Saint Patrick’s has been celebrated for over 1500 years. You’d think by now we Irish would be partied out but not a bit it seems. So whether you’re planning a weekend of green celebrations with bacon & cabbage, Irish fried breakfast, soda bread and the works or just a simple fresh salad I’ve got an illustrated recipe for you.

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My recent touring trip to Ireland had many highlights and one of them was a chance to revisit the medieval city of Kilkenny. I lived worked in Kilkenny on and off over 2 years both as a scholarship graduate and freelance designer. Full of lovely memories none was as spooky as the experience of my first visit a decade earlier on a school outing. Spooky.


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My recent trip to the Waterford Festival of Food (Ireland) has many, many enjoyable moments but for me the outstanding event was the pop-up restaurant ‘The Brewer, the Blogger, the Baker’. Great food, great style and a great vibe. Here are my thoughts on the event. Wish you were there. In fact I wish I could relive it to sample more of the menu!


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Back home recovering from a long weekend in Ireland at the Waterford Festival of Food. Here are some of the many images still dancing around in my head. Such a lovely, regional food festival showcasing all the best to be found in the sunny South-East. Enjoy!


A waft of a memory

by Ailbhe on April 4, 2012

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Once again the sense of smell surprises me with its power. I feel it’s possibly more immediate than sight or even sound. Just a waft of a forgotten smell can transport you through time and across seas in an instant.