Hello and welcome to my blog, a collection of recipes, illustrations, food and gardening dreams  that I’ve gathered over the years. A kind of scrapbook of my life in London. The blog written by me, Ailbhe. I’m a Dublin-born, London-based graphic designer. My day job is a partner in a small creative studio, Decoder, and my out-of-office job is wife (and cook) to the lovely Tony, an Australian architect with a talent for falling asleep in any location.

So why name this blog ‘Simply Splendiferous’? Well, ‘simply’ because I think it’s sounds great plus I love the fact that the tongue-twisting effort to say it slows you down and forces you to think about what you’re doing. Try saying it fast a few times and you’ll see what I mean!

We all need to slow down now and again in my opinion.

Contact details

I love getting feedback on my food writing and illustrations so if you have comments or suggestions about my site you can contact me by emailing me at

To see what I do during the day as a graphic designer please visit my design studio’s website here.

To see more of my illustrations and recent printmaking work please visit my illustration website ailbhephelan.com.




Ailbhe Phelan: illustrations


I write this blog because I love to. I don’t receive money to do so and intend to keep it that way. I am happy to receive and review products / events that fit in with my blog. However, I cannot always guarantee a review for each product / event I accept – it all depends on whether I fall in love with the product or if I can make a post that I feel is interesting to my readers. Sometimes I have gone to great events which I tweet about but not write about. However, I always reserve the right to write what I think rather than what may be wanted. So if you’re happy with that then please contact me.

Freelance writing

If you like my writing / illustrations and are interested in discussing any freelance work you feel I could help you with then I am more than happy to be contacted:


Some of you may have noticed I’ve added an extra badge to my site linking to Kiva. Kiva is a charitable organisation which arranges loans for budding entrepreneurs or community groups in developing nations. Basically Kiva and their partners on the ground work as a non-profit making bank that does good (a bank which doesn’t aim to make profit!! Shock!). They vet the groups that apply for a loan, rate their risk (repayment risk) and inform their Lending Teams or Individuals (the you and me of the world) about them and allow the flow of funds to go out and back in to your “Kiva loan account”. And the lenders can monitor the progress of the loan at all stages. It’s a brilliant idea and I’ve set up a Kiva Lending Team for friends of Simply Splendiferous where we can set up loans and watch their effects and see when they are repaid so we can set up another loan. The minimum loan loan is US $25. You set up an individual account but link it the the Simply Splendiferous Team so you can keep control over where your loan goes to. If you would like to join please click here.


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1 Philippa September 30, 2010 at 17:03

You have a lovely lovely blog! I hope that you keep on writing your cooking adventures…more travel too please I also love foreign supermarket shopping surprise treats.


2 Lu January 31, 2011 at 22:06

Just came across your blog there – lovely sketches and colours nice to combine these with recipes


3 Ailbhe February 1, 2011 at 04:01

Thank you : )


4 Tuscan olive grove girl November 18, 2013 at 13:01

Happy to have discovered your blog – beautiful to lookatand I’m betting the recipes taste good too…


5 Ailbhe December 9, 2013 at 17:14

Thanks : )


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